TOPs Instructions, Info, & FAQ’s

PLEASE NOTE: All dealers licensed after Jan 1, 2018 will need to be set up with an ETR Vendor before they are able to purchase TOPs. 

  1. TOPs come in sets of 10 – the minimum order is 10.
  2. All orders placed online go to the shipping queue; if you intend to pick up your order from the office, do not place your order online. You will place your order in office when you arrive.
  3. Orders placed online after 12:00 pm are not guaranteed to go out the same day. Please keep this in mind when you are choosing shipping options or running low & are in urgent need.
  4. The GIADA office is open Monday – Friday excluding some holidays. Orders placed on Friday after 12:00pm or on weekend days will not be shipped until the following Monday.
  5. How to add funds to your TOPs account
    • Remember, orders cannot be shipped unless enough funds are available on the escrow account for the cost of the sticker ($4) + shipping (when applicable) + tax. Orders placed on accounts without sufficient funds will be cancelled.
    • Additionally, we suggest that you consider adding the $4 per transaction processing fee at the same time so you do not receive an insufficient funds error message when trying to print onto a TOP.
    • Click here for step by step instructions
  6. The cost of TOPs is as follows:
    • $4 + tax per sticker
    • Shipping (when applicable) – calculated based on package weight & delivery location
    • $4 per transaction processing fee (if set up with an ETR Vendor, the processing is paid directly to that Vendor)
    • EXAMPLE: If you were to walk in and order 10 TOPs, the cost of the stickers would be ($4 x 10 + tax) $42.40 and the processing ($4 x 10) would be $40. The total cost of 10 stickers & processing would be $82.40.
  7. Before you can print onto your TOPs, you must “Receive your Inventory” into your account (this links your specific TOPs Serial Numbers to your account to allow you to print on them) – this applies whether you had an order shipped or if you picked them up at the GIADA office. Click here for instructions for how to receive your order.
  8. How to Print a TOP:
  9. What do you do if the TOPs system is down?
    Occasionally, there will be times when the states system is down for maintenance and dealerships are not able to process temporary tags. When this happens, we advise you to call TitleTec support @ 1-855-336-9023 and notify the support team. When doing so please provide the support rep with the error message that appears on the screen & if the state’s site is down or service is unavailable for any reason the support team will put the system in offline mode and you will be able to create what’s known as an “off-line TOP” until service is restored. Please refrain from using any other tricks and tips that you may have seen other employees or dealerships do in the past i.e. entering a customer as a business. Although we have had quite a few dealers using this method over the years it is not correct and can cause the customers registration and tag processing to be delayed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here at GIADA.


  1. How do I print a TOP tag? Click here for step by step instructions
  2. Can a dealer issue a TOP to themselves to use on Demo vehicles? No.
  3. Can a dealer issue 2 TOPS to the same customer if they still don’t have the title? No.
  4. If the title is delayed and the customer’s 45 day TOP is going to expire in 5 days, where does the customer obtain a 30 day extension?
    1. The customer’s local county tag office
    2. The customer must complete: T-226D – Application to Extend Initial Registration Period for a Motor Vehicle Purchased from a Georgia Vehicle Dealer
  5. If your printer is broken, can you fill out the TOP by hand? No, TOPs always have to be printed.
  6. Can your TOPS account be turned off if you are caught issuing multiple TOPS to the same vehicle or same person? Yes.
  7. Does your Used Motor Vehicle Dealer’s License have to be current to purchase TOPS? Yes.
  8. Do I need authorization to have someone else pick up my TOPS? Yes, the designee must complete a TOP Authorization form.
  9. What is the link to log-in to order TOPs?
  10. When you place an order for TOPs, does the order automatically ship? No, you must make sure you have enough money in your account before your order will be shipped.
  11. What do you do after you receive your TOP tags? You must log in to your TOP account and receive your order before they will show up in your Bin and before you can print your tags. Dealer must make a copy of the TOP Tag before issuing it.
  12. Can you cancel a TOPs Tag? Yes, if voided no later than 12am (Midnight) the same day the TOP’s tag was printed – If the TOP needs to be cancelled after that, you will need to complete a MV-300 form and submit it to the consumer’s county tag office to finalize the cancellation of that TOP. You can find the MV-300 form here:
  13. How do I check my dealer statement? Click on Dealer Billing and select Dealer Statement when you log-in to your TOPs account.
  14. How do I order TOPs? Click on Inventory and Order TOP Tags once you log-in to your TOP account.
  15. When will the TOPs Tag order be shipped? You must place your order before 12:00 p.m. if you want your order to be shipped out the same day.


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