ETR – Instructions, Info, & FAQ’s


If you have any questions or experience problems joining, please call TitleTec toll free at 1-855-336-9023 or email

To view the TitleTec ETR training videos for assistance with basic functions and processes in the T21 system, please refer to the links below:

Start Here || BINS || New ETR Deal || Helpful Tools || TOP Only Deal || TOP Tags


    1. What is ETR?
      ETR stands for: Electronic Title Registration. ETR allows dealerships to process title and registration paperwork electronically. ETR is a tool available to dealers to allow them to submit title applications and TAVT payments to the customer’s county tag office electronically.
    2. Are dealers required to participate in ETR?
      Yes, due to a mandate which took effect January 1, 2018, all dealers in the state of Georgia are required to participate in ETR to register a title.
    3. Do I need to get the current paper titles in my office scanned before I can sell a vehicle?
      No. Paper Titles will still exist – ETR simply means that the Title Registration Process has become Electronic. For Cash Deals, Paper Titles will be printed & sent to the customer once the ETR Process is completed. Titles for Financed Deals will be held electronically via ELT and then sent to the Lien Holder / Customer / Other Indicated Party upon request.
    4. Are there any transactions that should not be processed through ETR? When would I need to do a New TOP only deal?
      Certain transactions are not processed through ETR. These include transactions that are exempt from TAVT, such as title applications for certain disabled veterans and non-resident service members, trucks and charter buses registering under the International Registration Plan (IRP), vehicles purchased by government entities, loaner vehicles, and vehicles titled in a dealer’s name. These transactions will continue to be processed directly through the County Tag Office, rather than through ETR. Contact the County Tag Office in the county where the buyer resides for acceptable submission methods.

      Other ETR Exceptions:
      • Title applications for vehicles purchased/leased prior to 1/1/18
      • Transactions for vehicles sold by out of state dealers
      • Courtesy Deliveries (Vehicles sold by an out of state dealer but the documents are submitted by a Georgia dealer)
      • Transactions for vehicles sold through an auction where the auction is not the seller in the title assignment
      • Transactions where one or more owners do not have a Georgia DL or ID (require validation by the county office)
      • Transactions where the purchase date is 45 days or more from the application date.
      • Applications for Rebuilt Titles
      • Transactions that are exempt from TAVT, such as title applications for certain disabled veterans and non-resident service members
      • Vehicles registering under the International Registration Plan (IRP)
      • Non-motorized vehicle transactions, such as mobile homes and trailers
      • Vehicles purchased by government entities
      • Loaner vehicles
      • Vehicles titled in a dealer’s name
      • Transaction anomalies, such as VIN corrections


    1. How do I print a TOP?
      You will print a TOP as one of the steps in your ETR deal – do NOT do a “TOP only deal” – this should only be utilized for TAVT exempt transactions, such as a non-GA resident, all others must go through “New ETR Deal”.
    2. How do I do a new ETR Deal?
      Click on “Process Deals” in the bottom left hand corner, then “New ETR Deal” in the upper left hand corner. Fill in the information in the spaces provided. You will not be able to pend or finalize deals if all necessary information is not filled out.
    3. What if I don’t have the title yet? It’s not letting me pend the deal?
      You can “Use Pending Title Information” on the vehicles tab if you do not yet have the title. It will allow you to pend the deal and print the TOP – but you must go back & edit that pending deal, enter the title number and state and update the deal before you will be able to finalize the deal.
    4. What does “Finalize Deal” mean?
      Once a deal has been pended & is ready (all title work in, TAVT deposited into your bank account) then you will need to press the “Finalize Deal” button from your submit tab.
      After a deal is finalized:

      1. You may now Print the T21 Coversheet, which you must have to send in your title work to your QA scanning facility. You should always keep a copy and you may also give your customer a copy. It serves as a title receipt (as you may have previously seen). It includes the vehicle, customer, & TAVT information provided for vehicle registration.
      2. TAVT & associated deal fees will be collected via ACH by the vendor and remitted to the DOR, who will forward them to the appropriate county tag office.
      3. If you selected “Title Only”, then the customer may pick up their tag from their county tag office. (We suggest giving them a copy of the T21 coversheet)
    5. We selected “New Plate & Title” – how long until the customer’s tag is mailed to them?
      After a deal shows as “Final” it usually takes 3-5 business days for the DOR to mail the customer’s tag.
    6. What do we do if it’s well past the average 3-5 Days?
      Tags can get lost in the mail. If this happens to your customer, you may contact the DOR (855-406-5221) for information and instructions on obtaining that tag.
    7. How long does it take for the customer to get their title?
      After a deal shows as “Final & Scanned” and “Successfully Transmitted to the State” – it usually takes 7-10 business days for the DOR to mail the customer the title.
    8. We are a Lien Holder – where does our title go?
      If you are adding your lien on a Georgia title, then you must set up an ELT account. It’s mandatory in Georgia and allows you to access your titles electronically in order to release the lien and/or print the title so that it can be mailed. If you are manually adding a lien, you run the risk of not being able to access that title record to release the lien.
    9. I’m not able to pend or finalize my deal – what’s wrong?
      Generally, if you are unable to pend a deal, it is because necessary information is missing. Make sure you go back and verify that all fields are completed. If you are unable to finalize, you will be able to see an error message in red at the top of the submit tab. This could be a data entry error, a logic error or an error from the DOR about the current title status or customer.
    10. I’ve done everything – what paperwork do I send?
      You may refer to the bottom of the T21 coversheet – all items in bold must be sent in with each deal. All other indicated forms are “as applicable”. If they do not apply to the currently existing title work, do not be concerned. You are sending your scanning center the same documents that you would give to a county tag office. Please note: All deals must include and the MV-7D which must be signed by the customer and the dealer authorized agent. This form can be found on the “Submit” tab, usually below the “Print MV-1” button or on the eForms tab of your deal.
    11. Where do I send my paperwork to?
      If you are an independent dealer who is new to ETR, GIADA is likely your QA Scanning Center – however – we urge you to double check by calling our office so we can verify this for you. If you send the documents to the wrong scanning facility, there will be a delay in processing. If you are signed up with TitleTec as your ETR vendor, then you may send your documents to the GIADA Office. We encourage you to send them via trackable parcel service to the address below:
      GIADA attn: ETR Dept
      6903 Oak Ridge Commerce Way
      Austell, GA, 30168
    12. How long does it take for my paperwork to be scanned?
      Usually 7 business days. You may check the status of your deals by going to the “Process Deals” tab in the bottom left hand corner of the page, then “My Deals” in the upper left hand corner. You may search with the T21 ID number to see the status or notes. By clicking on the T21 ID link, you’ll be able to see additional information on the scanning tab as well.
    13. I’m getting messages that I have late documents – what do I do?
      It is very important that all documents be received in a timely manner. Documents do not get moved up the line at a QA Center just because it was sent in late. The MV-34 form must be signed and notarized and must be separate from the deal paperwork. To avoid late fees, scan and email it to or fax to 470-231-2420.
    14. How do I see what fees are being withdrawn from my bank account?
      Go to “Dealer Billing” in the bottom left hand corner, then “Dealer Statement” in the upper left hand corner. You will be able to see your transactions. By clicking on the hyperlinked terms, you can see additional & specific information about your deals.
    15. I’ve pended a deal in my DMS and I’m trying to finalize it, but it is asking me to enter in the deal information over again. I’ve done this but I still can’t finalize it, why isn’t it working?
      To prevent this, you should access the “Pended” deals directly though the Titletec T21 system. Click on the “Process Deals” button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then select “Search Deals” in the top left hand corner. You will then enter the search criteria of your choosing (Deal#//T21 ID//VIN//etc.), and click “Search for Deals,” at the bottom of the screen. It will allow you to access the previously entered information and simply complete the already submitted information, without having to do double entry.



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