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Welcome to the GIADA TOPs Web Service Page

GIADA Dealer Customer Support Line:  855-288-7347 (8:30am – 8:30pm Eastern)

At this point, all car dealers should have their dealership registered with the GIADA TOPs Web Service and be printing TOPs at their dealerships. New dealers or dealers who have not set up their TOPs Account yet, proceed to “Set up TOPS Account” button.

If you registered your dealership with the GIADA TOPs Web Service, but did not deposit escrow money to cover your initial TOPs shipment, we are unable to process your initial TOPs shipment. Go into your user account and deposit funds then call GIADA at 770-745-9650.

Low Funds in TOPs Escrow Account

When your TOPs Escrow Account gets low on funds, you must log on and deposit more money in your TOPs Escrow Account to continue to use the TOPs Web Service. GIADA DOES NOT KEEP ANY Dealership credit card numbers on file. Replenishing your TOPs Escrow Account is the sole responsibility of the Dealer.

TOPs Customer Technical Support

Dealers who need assistance in setting up their GIADA Web Service User Account, help with passwords or other technical issues please call GIADA TOPs Customer Technical Support at 855-288-7347. 

If you have not Received TOPs Stickers:

Dealers that have successfully set up their GIADA TOPs User Account and funded their TOPs Escrow Account but have not received their initial TOPs Stickers, please call GIADA at 770-745-9650.


Dealership GRATIS Access:

All dealers with registered TOPs accounts will have access to the Georgia GRATIS System. GIADA’s TOP application includes the ability to run GRATIS inquiry for vehicles and customers.  With the GRATIS Vehicle Inquiry, you have the ability to retrieve title, registration, owner and lien information from the DOR’s GRATIS system by simply entering a vehicle’s VIN, title number, or license plate number.   GRATIS Customer inquiries will retrieve the current address (as recorded in the GRATIS system) and up to 10 license plates with expiration dates that the customer owns under their driver license number. The charge for inquiries: $1 per inquiry and GIADA will collect this fee via your escrow account.   This service is completely optional and can be used at any time. This particular service accessing GRATIS for customer/vehicle inquiries only is separate from the TOPs processing fee of $3.

GIADA Dealer Customer Support Line:  855-288-7347 (8:30am – 8:30pm Eastern)

GIADA Office: 770-745-9650

GIADA/DOR Agreement

TOP Frequently Asked Questions

Download Short Video Dealer Demo (see how it will work)

(All dealers must set up their TOP account in order to process and register temp tags)

All temp tags will be processed electronically at your dealership and immediately registered with the state & law enforcement. Internet access will be required. The new hologram stickers (TOP) will be different in design and size. (Refer to graphic below)

Dealers will continue to be able to use custom personalized drive out tags with company name, logo and phone number. However, again, be advised of the revised size of the new hologram sticker. 3.5 inches tall, and 7 inches wide. 

GIADA will continue to be your primary source for the TOP products. The TOP will cost $3.00 per sticker. The transaction fee will be $3.00 per TOP processed. Dealers may NOT charge customers for TOPs. Please don’t hesitate to call our office if you have any questions. 770-745-9650.Athens Auto Banner ends 011915

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